Advertisement is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing information. In the 16th century when printing media start to become world wide, the true meaning of modern advertisement arises. The first printing media started in England, used to advertise church picture books. In the 17th century, advertisements become popular and appear on weekly newspaper.


Television Commercial Film

Now a days TV commercial film become the biggest and most effective way to advertise. High Definition Broadcast started in Hong Kong 2008, “have you HD yet?” have become the slogan of promoting High Definition Broadcasting.


Whim Advertising Ltd

Whim established since 1992 providing service to client in Hong Kong and overseas, mainly focuses on creation and production of top one TV commercials. In 2000 Whim had been award “Top 10 most popular TV commercial award”. Follow closely the time step, on 1st January 2008 Whim introduces the first High Definition TV commercial film. Our company comprised of a highly experienced, talented and versatile staff to promote our client\’s products to their customers, each doing our best to suit the customer’s demand and need. Our aim is to improve customer’s branding and image.