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By securing a borderless communication via accessible digital touch points, Whim is always your transport to reach your goals.

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Whim Advertising Ltd.

1st TV commercial in Hong Kong for HD broadcasting
Over 300 campaigns for local and international brands
Over 400 TV commercials and documentaries produced
Over $200 million for media ad spend in HKD


  • 2022
    New Chapter

    To celebrate the 30th Anniversary with a new brand image, Whim Ad is engaged in serving clients via fully digital platforms, while actively tapping into the Metaverse.

  • 2016
    Infotainment Programme

    Produced and hosted "我要成功", the 1st infotainment programme of myTV SUPER.

  • 2008
    HD Broadcasting

    Produced and introduced the 1st HD TV commercial in Hong Kong

  • 2007
    Panel Judge

    Invited to be a judge at The Most Popular TV Commercial Awards by TVB and has been in the panel of judges since then.

  • 2000
    TVC Award

    Awarded the “Top 10 Most Popular TV Commercials” by ATV

  • 1992

    Whim Advertising Limited began to serve local and international clients.